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Corporate finance transactions for your business

Corporate requirements are different in nature and depend on different professional skills that must work in unison. Sale or acquisition transactions, capital increases, IPOs or the issuance of minibonds are all services that require the intervention of professionals who operate at ease and with profound knowledge in the world of finance. At ApicAll we offer comprehensive assistance in structuring and executing these decisive operations for the development, growth and valorisation of corporates.
Corporate and corporate finance transactions through which business integrations and aggregations between different companies are realised, favouring the entry of financial or industrial partners, thus enabling companies to grow and establish themselves on the market.
In-depth analysis carried out to understand the financial situation of a company, its performance and its real prospect for the future. Our approach focuses on the analysis of cash flows and gross margins, on the historical analysis of revenues, of costs and in ascertaining the consistency between historical data, the level of capitalisation required by the business being conducted, the quality of the balance sheet assets and the working capital, whilst verifying the related trends.
It represents the indispensable tool for any M&A operation, for investments in the risk capital of unlisted companies (private equity and venture capital) and for public listings. Establishing the value of companies is of utmost importance not only for financial operations but more generally in steering strategies and management choices.
These are complex transactions that involve every aspect of the corporate structure and, through various stages of internal auditing, allow the company to access the stock market. The decision to go public follows logics aimed at financing business expansion and of attracting and retaining talent and resources, without neglecting objectives of transparency visibility and organisation.

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